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The attorneys at Barklage, Brett & Hamill, P.C., are experienced in a wide range of legal practice areas. On behalf of residents, businesses and government entities, we provide dedicated and diligent legal advocacy.

A Commitment To Comprehensive Legal Services

For our clients in St. Charles and throughout Missouri and Illinois, we bring experience in the following areas:

  • Business law — We represent business owners throughout Missouri and neighboring Illinois. From identifying and establishing the best entity to resolving complex disputes, we focus on protecting their best interests.
  • Real estate — The purchase of residential or commercial real estate represents a significant investment. Our job is to navigate our clients through a complex process. In addition, we also provide representation when various issues arise, including disputes, accusations of fraud or environmental matters.
  • Estate planning — From simple wills and trusts to complex estate plans for the wealthy, we are thorough and detail-oriented. We focus on various issues that include securing assets, minimizing tax burdens and ensuring proper adherence to health plans. A prominent part of our practice involves extensive litigation when disputes arise among heirs.
  • Employment law — In spite of growing awareness combined with harsher penalties for discrimination, employers run afoul of the laws. Prejudice based on gender, race and religion still pervade in workplaces in Missouri and throughout the country. We move in quickly to hold them accountable for those illegal actions.
  • Municipal law — We help with a wide range of legal matters, including land use planning and zoning for municipalities and defense work for counties and cities. We can also serve in an ongoing advisory role as needed.

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