Business Formation:

There really isn’t any need for legal counsel in forming a sole proprietorship, but other forms of business organization are a good deal more complicated and are best accomplished with the assistance of a lawyer. These include the formation of partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations.

Business and Corporate Services:

Business and corporate services involves advising companies and investors in the purchase, sale and mergers of businesses. The services provided include forming and funding start-up companies, buying and selling practices, assets, divisions and companies, engaging in private stock offerings and re-sales, structuring venture capital financing, structuring commercial and partnering transactions and syndicating real property acquisitions.

Business Contracts:

Business contracts are written agreements spanning a broad range of the business relationships that occur in the life of a typical company. They can include non-compete agreements, non-piracy agreements, non-disclosure agreements, restrictive covenants, employment agreements, producer agreements, sales representative agreements, consulting agreements, management agreements, franchise agreements, licensing agreements, deferred compensation agreements and independent contractor agreements.